How about that “political correctness?” — resolution2016

Hi faithful followers, So lately there is a lot of talk about “political correctness.” We see a lot of words being thrown about concerning the “left” and the “right.” Then we see the terms the “far left” and the “far right.” No matter which side you identify with, I challenge you to ask why […] via… Continue reading How about that “political correctness?” — resolution2016

Picture this, the disciples had Jesus with them every day.  They walked with Him, they talked with Him, they ate with Him, they slept next to Him, they cast out demons in His name, and they were with Him to see all the miracles that Jesus performed.  Yet, even though they had Jesus physically with them,… Continue reading


When I think about the pleasure writing brings to my life, I often reflect back to my childhood days of spending many a lazy afternoon on a South Carolina beach where my family and friends spent so many summer days.  We didn’t  take grand vacations or anything, but we loved camping, and it was a family… Continue reading Reflecting